Security and Integrity

At we realize that performing transactions involving money, can be somewhat frightening. One of the main reasons why we selected 888 as our partner, is their track record in security and reliability of money transactions. 888 also allow their reporting and pay-out to be audited by the industry's watchdog, eCogra, on a monthly basis. Below, we have included examples of the certificates that eCogra hands out on a monthly basis.

Complete security

Using your credit card at is perfectly safe.

Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd., which provides credit card processing services for, is one of the leading online transaction providers, with millions of online transactions processed annually.

Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd. utilizes sophisticated RSA public/private key encryption technology to ensure that sensitive data is transferred securely over the internet. All credit card details are stored on a secure server, which is protected by the latest firewall system. 
This means that using your credit card at is even safer than using it to order a pizza or at your local gas station. 

Secure transaction

At you can rest assured that your transaction details and all personal financial information are completely secure.

Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd, which provides financial transaction processing services for, is a leading transaction provider, with millions of online transactions processed annually. 
Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd utilises sophisticated RSA public/private key encryption technology to ensure the secure transfer of sensitive data over the internet. All transaction and personal details are stored on secure servers, which are protected by the most advanced firewall systems. This means that making a financial transaction at is absolutely safe.

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eCogra Certificate and Monthly Payout Review


eCogra Certificate for 888

Here is an example of the monthly payout reviews performed by eCogra of 888. Don't hesitate to check with for more recent versions of the certificate.

eCogra Payout Review Sample

Do not hesitate to check out further details of 888's Commitment to security at